As you are aware, non-profit organizations rely on the generosity of others to support their causes; our Foundation is no different. We'd like to share exactly how your donations will be used in our efforts to advance the cause of Pediatric Palliative Care - that is, medical care that is meant to relieve and soothe symptoms without necessarily effecting a cure.

TO EDUCATE healthcare providers, both generalists and specialists, to understand the need and importance of offering a palliative care program for children with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions. They should understand that palliative care is not to be regarded as care for the end of life, but rather, as care for the quality of life. These children are very special and possess unique challenges that should be acknowledged and addressed in a way that is appropriate for them as individuals throughout their lives. Palliative care offered through our community healthcare providers will create a seamless transition through a continuum of care from diagnosis through the end of life.

TO EMPOWER families of such children to participate in the healthcare decision-making processes as full partners with the medical team. We know first hand how emotionally traumatic it is to care for a child like Liam. There are many difficult questions, which often go unanswered; and more importantly, there are life-affecting decisions that no family or healthcare provider should decide alone. One essential way to relieve some of the anxiety associated with these decisions is for the parents to know all of their options. No doctor will ever know a child like the parents and families. The parents need to be empowered with knowledge in order to best advocate for their child.

TO EASE THE SUFFERING of these children and their families. Although there is nothing we can do to change the prognosis of these childrens' conditions, we can help their families to achieve the best quality of life for their children. Through the efforts of Liam's Foundation, we hope to establish a network of palliative and end-of-life care options for our most special children. Since last year, we have made tremendous strides in establishing working relationships with highly motivated and influential people already serving in our community and tertiary care facilities. With their help and your support, we will continue to move toward closing the gap in our healthcare system and developing the much needed care and support for children living with life threatening conditions and their families.

The Liam Lawson Foundation was not established to find a cure for a disease. It does not aim to study or research. Liam's life has taught us some invaluable lessons about life and death. The only thing we aim to cure is the responsiveness of our healthcare system in dealing with children like Liam.

In sum, with your help we will EDUCATE our healthcare professionals. We will EMPOWER the parents and caretakers to educate themselves to better advocate for their children. And we will EASE THE SUFFERING of children and their families living every day with these life-limiting and life-altering conditions.

Everything we do, and everything we accomplish, is a tribute to Liam by those who love him, now and forever.

Katey Lawson
Liam's Mom

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